We aim to carry out a range of exceptional and professional services.We are confident that we have the skills, expertise and track record across our team to support you.

Ride Inspection, Testing and Evaluation

  • Failure Analysis
  • An inspection is, most generally, an organized examination or formal evaluation exercise. Our engineering activities inspection, involve the measurements, tests and gauges applied to certain characteristics in regard to an object or activity. The results are usually compared to specified requirements and standard for determining whether the item is in line with these targets, often with a Standard Inspection Procedure.
  • We are able to offer non-destructive inspections.
  • Inspections may be a visual inspection.
  • A mechanical inspection is usually undertaken to ensure the safety or reliability of your machine.
  • Inspections and regular maintenance are again the keys to safety and long life in the significant investment that today's equipment represents. Our well-trained and experienced technicians are able to quickly diagnose and recognize existing problem areas as well as other areas of concern.

General Maintenance or Extensive Repairs

  • Our standardized processes and comprehensive training programs guarantee consistent, quality service with every action, every day.
  • Very rarely is a ride too far gone to benefit from some attention paid to its critical parts. Quite often, problem areas can be identified and repairs can be conveniently scheduled.
  • Our technicians have been trained to identify the most critical problems and prioritize the application of maintenance and repair procedures. All of our technicians have experience in general machinery maintenance, as well as extensive repair skills.
  • We understand that this level of repair can be stressful and complex but working closely with you throughout the project we can identify your needs and minimize the stress wherever possible.
  • We only use qualified repair technicians and an approved network of parts suppliers.
  • We will work with you to develop appropriate strategies for your equipment. These strategies will be based on equipment category, age, and usage as well as on desired availability, replacement part cost, and other factors. We will ensure that your equipment repair program matches your needs and budget.


  • We have extensive experience in the refurbishment of all type of rides from a simple repaint project through to “as new” renovation.
  • We make the old new again.
  • We are able to bring life to your project with our experience and technical know-how.
  • We are well aware of the importance of understanding, recognizing and advising on the scope of solutions available for each particular project. Each refurbishment job is unique, and it follows that the solution will be project dependent.

Ride Relocation and Installation

  • We offer pickup and delivery of your equipment.
  • No matter what the equipment is, our experienced and well qualified staff will make sure that the assemblage is done with the utmost care.
  • Our team can handle everything, including dismantling of equipment, rigging, relocation and re-erection of equipment.
  • We can safely and effectively complete your equipment relocation and Installation projects.

Project Management

  • We have experience in all aspects of the planning, design and management. Professional teamwork, expert decision making and effective communication are qualities we have long embraced in delivering each project to our client’s satisfaction.

Mechanical and Electrical

  • As a company, we are committed to providing you with cost-effective solutions to mechanical and electrical concerns through a modern approach which is supported by highly trained personnel.
  • We are unique in our wide variety of service offerings, ranging from electrical, mechanical, crane and rigging and many more. You can trust us to get the job done right.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic

  • We have developed a wealth of experience and gained an excellent reputation for high quality service and products within the Hydraulic and Pneumatic Engineering sector.
  • With our fully equipped engineering workshop, where we are able to design and build systems.

Welding and Fabrication

  • This company has evolved from research and development of the forming and joining processes of new metal alloys and the development of equipment used in those processes, to a full service, state of the art metal fabrication shop. The shop can handle work of all sizes and materials, and has a large variety of wire in house for use in many welding services.
  • The expertise and master craftsmen employed at TAS are the best in die field

Spare Parts

We can usually supply spare parts for amusement rides by any manufacturer and also in the supply of obsolete alternatives or spare parts required for rides from now defunct manufacturers. Our network of suppliers and subcontractors allows us to source exact replacement spare parts The spare parts that we supplied will comply with all safety regulations as laid down.

Contact us today for a quote. Turnaround for quotes is usually 24 hours unless the part is particularly difficult to source.